Chilled E-Sports

Chilled E-Sports Episode 5

Cube Lock counterplay and Even Dreams in HCT. Kristian is starting to build some beastly Hearthstone decks and Eugene remains UNCONVINCED that Odd Paladin is any good. EU Crucible ... More

Chilled E-Sports Episode 4

A new Podcaster has entered the arena! Kristian introduces himself and talks about Overwatch. Joey's an internet grandpa and doesn't know about HCT is going off the chai ... More

Chilled E-Sports Episode 3

Eugene managed to fix his computer with a super weird trick! First week of Deckerd Cain being live. The HGC Playoffs are on and it's really exciting in the NA sphere with hero TLV ... More

Chilled E-Sports Episode 2

Eugene's rig has died and we are in despair. We also talk about placing in ranked overwatch and seeded games in HoTS. Week 10 Phase 1 NA and EU games with Fenix counterplay strats. ... More

Chilled E-Sports Episode 1

Podcasters Joey and Eugene introduce themselves. We talk about Week 8 of Na and EU Phase 1. Also talk about Dash and partnership.

D.Va Shooting Pixels

Artist Name : Liang-Xing