Shooting the Shit Down Under

STS Podcast Episode 4

Taking the law into our own hands this week, the dudes have their take on some of the countries' more obscure rules. Captain Marvel is breaking some rules of her own and Samsung have seemingly broken the rules of time to bring us the future of technology. The world of games is also changing with Destroyer Kings set for the dragon ball super card game. Warhammer 40k is now dice rolling simulator? This and more in this weeks episode.

STS Podcast Episode 3

The threat of viruses is nearly as bad as the threat of Apex Legends taking down fortnite this week. The guys take on this new dawn with opinions on games running high. Multiple blasts from the past with a WoW event spicing things up and a new way to play Aion that surprised all. League of Legends is keeping Brenton down but not for much longer.

STS Podcast Episode 2

The cast returns by breaking the sound barrier with talks of supersonic aircraft. The US government has some interesting ideas of how to use their funding. Star Citizen hopes and dreams are high along with the return of a multi-platform Fable.

STS Podcast Episode 1

The coming together of the new podcast. A new dawn rises on the horizon as a podcast is forged in the mighty fires of Haephestus. New fighting game with Shonen Jump characters. Nazis now banned in England. Chocolate considered diet food. The Earth is flat but how thick is it? A familiar JRPG has made it to Nintendo switch