Joey Ray Design purple penguin


Hello! I'm Joey. I've had several usernames over the years, but for development I've settled on octocatPurple Penguin. I'm a developer working in the Brisbane area at Redback Technology as an embedded C# software engineer. Here is a simple webpage to display the work that I've done in the last several months. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but (hopefully, with a bit of time) it will be fun. The site's intended as a dual-purpose personal site and portfolio.

Apart from being employed since late 2015 as a software engineer, I have been a developer for two years and am confident in:

I have familiarity with several other things relating to dev (.NET framework, SQL, JQuery, Ajax, Direct3D, blah blah...) but I generally pick things up as I need them. In terms of workflow tools I am confident using vim, Visual Studio/Code, Eclipse IDE, Virtual C, AVRDude, Sublime Text 2, GitHub and putty/WinSCP (also MS-Office for what it's worth).