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Early History

I was born in Cairns in 1987. My family moved to Sydney for a few years before settling in Brisbane. My intoduction to computers and technology was with the family's Amiga Commodore which I enjoyed immensely. My father also taught me some basic Fortran when I was 12 but I remember very little of it. I took an interest in mathematics from an early age, but my real passions were premodern history and computer games. I also enjoyed playing piano, soccer and creative writing.


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I graduated highschool in 2004, and went on to University study at UQ immediately. My major was science in Mathematics, and I graduated with first class honours in June 2009. My thesis was titled, "Partial Regularity of Solutions in the Calculus of Variations". I resumed my study of Mathematics in 2011 at ANU when I moved to Canberra and started a PhD in Nonlinear Differential Equations (speficically a subset of the Monge-Ampère problem). My thesis was titled "The Overdetermined Problem in Monge-Ampère Style Equations".

In 2014 due in part to family reasons, I moved back to Queensland. I also decided to change direction with my career to go more towards Software Engineering and development which has become my overriding passion. I started studying software development formally in June 2014 at UQ. I had dabbled before that but never in any serious degree. Since then I have been geared towards applying my skills professionally. More specifically, I want to work on software that people can use in their everyday lives.


My most recent job as an embedded C# developer has been in the energy industry at Redback Technology where my main responsibility was writing a machine control app for Windows 10 IoT Core. Being on a small team has put me in the role of being solely responsible for a major component of Redback's commercial product and has taught me a lot about the software process. Before that, aside from menial jobs (reception, dish washing, retail assistance etc) my main employment was during November 2008 — June 2010 at Elemental Computers. I was both a sales representative and a hardware technician. I learned skills in team leadership and management, communication with customers and clients, and most importantly I learned the skill of communicating technical issues to lay persons.