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Buying a business

You’re considering buying a business?

Buying a business from somebody else is likely to be one of the biggest financial transactions that you will ever undertake.It makes sense to invest time and money to ensure that you acquire an asset that lives up to your expectations.

One of the original American oil tycoons, J D Rockefeller once said,“Some of the best business deals I ever did were the ones I walked away from”.


At Coughlins Accountants & Business Consultants our role is to help you appreciate the issues and make an informed judgement as to whether or not to proceed.

Having assisted clients in this situation previously we would like you to benefit from our experience.

This kit is part of the way in which we want to work with you during this important evaluation phase.

Please ensure that all documentation, correspondence and notes are filed in this folder. This will ensure that you are able to locate items as they are required.

Above all else, keep an open mind on the facts as they emerge. Remember, it is a business decision and that it is important not to let emotions override rational thinking.

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