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Here we have collected some useful links for you to use. All of these links are recommended by us but we take no responsibility for their use and can't provide technical support if you have dificulties in using them (but we'll try to help out where we can). If you're looking to drop forms in to us you can do it online via DROPitTOme. If you're looking for our very own business buying guide. Alternitively for any other forms you might need you can go here

Here are the main resources you'll need to do your accounting with Coughlins.


Upload Files

DROPitTOme is a reliable file delivery service that we have trusted with our document handling for years. With a securely hashed password system and the flexibility of DropBOX, Coughlins firmly believes and endorses this secure document transfer service. If you can't give it to us in person, just drop it to us.

Law Central

Law Central Online

For many years Coughlins have been using Law Central to create generic legal documents for our clients. For example, Trust Deeds, Self Managed Super Funds, Loan Agreements etc. Their prices are very competitive. We also find the documents and instructions are easy to read. To start building your own legal document click the link below. Alternatively contact us & we will create the documents on your behalf after discussing your various taxation and accounting requirements.


Accounting Software

Servicing over 1.2 million Australians, MYOB has been powering the small business market for more than two decades and is still the industry leader in accounting and financial software. If you haven't heard of MYOB yet we strongly recommend you pick it up to manage your small business.


The Tax Office

Of course, if you have the time, the ultimate resource for tax information is none other than the Australian Tax Office. Their site is rather unwieldly and large, and if your tax needs are complicated it's probably just better to ring us straight away. Still, if we had to give you a main resource that all tax information comes from it's this one. Here you can find tax rates, tax rulings and tax legislature.

These resources are also useful, but they have more specialised uses. Most people will find one or more of these services invaluable, and they are what we recommend.

If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us to set up a consultation session.