Baba Yaga vs Skinwalkers

Wingapo everyone! It's a new year and a new look into some strange creatures with Yowie Power Hour. There is once again some pure insanity in this episode, including a clip of a skin walker screaming (totally legit) and a witch who flies on Mortar and Pestle (brooms are so old fashioned). The real question, however, is do chicken legs add or detract value from real estate?? Have a listen and find out.

Krampus and Gryla vs Santa

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! And what would Christmas be without the fear of being eaten or taken to the underworld?? Too damn soft apparently. Europe seems to think Christmas without some Lad stealing your sausages and a long tongued devil whacking you with a stick just isn't Christmas at all. Join us as we delve into Christmas Monsters in this themed episode and stay till the end to see who wins in the battle for Christmas. BONUS AVENGERS TALK?? It's everything you didn't ask for!

Nessie vs Bunyip

Ahhh Nessie. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. I always thought you were mysterious and magical, but you're actually just the literal incarnation of a floating stick. Bunyips are just.... confusing. Our brains literally cannot process the insanity of the Bunyip. Why not listen and see if your brain is up to the task? PS: I keep interrupting Matt this week. My bad. Consider this my public apology.

Centaur vs Minotaur

Holy crap you guys...... just what in the hell was happening with those ancient Greeks? Seriously. They clearly had issues. All we wanted to do was decide whether it was better to have a human top half or bottom half and instead we dove head first into a whole mess of crazy. WARNING: Weird talk about horse-bull-human relations ahead. Also a cloud. A ...... sexy cloud. Proceed at your own risk!

Sirens vs Mermaids

It's Sirens and Mermaids this week on YPH - and yes they are different things. Sirens are kinda dumb though, mermaids are definitely the go to water based seductress. No bias here, just stating the facts.

Harpy vs Mothman

Keryn and Matt take on Harpies and Mothman (Mothmen??) during this episode of YPH, Handwriting is analysed, ancient Greeks are maligned and there are some truly fantastic accents. If you're feeling it, why not give it a listen?? As always, a decent amount of swearing occurs - proceed at your own risk!

Yowie Power Hour Episode 1

Matt and Kerryn's first episode! They talk about the mysterious bigfoot and introduce their brand new show!!